Health & Wellness

Brian’s interview about his new book, Healthy Habits of Highly Productive Employees, on Best Seller TV!

Corporate Wellness and how it can help your company save money

The iMatter 6 Week Challenge in the Workplace

Chronic Care Management opportunities

Business Strategy

Business Strategy and Business Plans

Introduction to the Entrepreneur’s Playbook online courses and why these sessions are important for small business leaders

The Self Assessment Workshop to help the attendees understand the power they have within…great Confidence Builder!

“Business Plan in a Day” Workshop snippets that cover a few topics of the workshop

Starting with the right idea is only step one in the Free Enterprise Model for launching a product or service. Learn all the steps here!

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook trailer to show you what magic awaits you in this comprehensive training

An introduction to Everlasting Wisdom, Brian’s book on how to build your own empire using 12 ancient business principles

Running a Business is very challenging! Make sure you have the right tools in your arsenal to find and maintain success

Entrepreneur's Radio Network​

Innovative Marketing through Strategic Partnerships and Events

How to write a Killer Business Plan

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Create Your Own Niche – Boost Sales!