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“I want to thank you so much for your inspiring words and incredible vision that you have. Having you as our keynote speaker was the absolute best decision we could have made.”

- Parker Ence
Univ. of Utah
“Your presentation on Leadership was not only very inspiring, it has motivated my team to reach for new levels. THANK YOU!”

- Rich Nord
American Express Travel
“My primary goal is to serve my audience...and always deliver an inspiring message!”

- Brian Hazelgren

About Brian

Speaker, Facilitator, Podcaster, Mentor...

Brian brings over 30 years of business experience in strategy development and execution, executive management, healthcare, entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and business mentoring. He is a globally recognized expert in business planning, corporate strategy, systems development, entrepreneurship, healthcare, corporate social responsibility and operations. Brian has written 14 highly successful books, including Accelerated Practice Growth for Physicians, and has trained over 75,000 business executives, and over 3,500 college students.


Award Winning Books & Materials


"Fun, Entertaining, and Inspiring"

When you need a speaker who can cover topics that inspire your team to reach a higher level of success, Brian Hazelgren is ready to deliver for you. CEO, mentor, best-selling author, All-American athlete, father of six children (with two set of twins), and someone who has raised over $1.3 billion for healthcare, Brian has developed a keynote address, seminar or workshop to fit your needs.

  • Healthcare Initiatives
  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • Investor Packages
  • Present to Investors
  • Charity Fund Raising Program
  • Business Planning
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Full and Half Day Workshops
  • Panel Discussion Leader
  • Coaching System
  • Executive Team Facilitator
  • Breakout Session Leader


  • Driving New Income Streams in Healthcare
  • How To Show More Value For Selling Your Practice
  • 7 Things You Should Do Every Day To Succeed
  • Senior Well-Being Has A New Face: Profitability Through Innovation
  • 13 Ancient Principles That Built a Global Empire
  • 30 Traits of a Successful Leader
  • Being Passionate About Your Business
  • How We Raised $1.3 Billion for Healthcare
  • 8 Critical Lessons In Business Ownership
  • Building Systems That Rock Your Business!
  • Chronic Illness and Positive Solutions NOW
  • The Power of Staying Focused!
  • Getting To Efficient, Effective, Execution
  • Seeking Prosperity & Expect to Win!
  • Healthy Habits of Highly Productive Employees
  • Plus a lot more…Brian has over 120 different presentations to meet your needs

“Brian, our people definitely needed to hear you talk about Leadership and what they have inside them. Thanks for an incredibly inspiring message!”

Kevin Weickel


“The humor, emotional charge, and message were exactly what our people needed to hear!”

Dave Heppner

Marathon Oil

“You nailed it brother! The topic was perfect… the time was exact…and your message inspired 500 CEO’s to take well-being more seriously”

Jeffrey Hayzlett

C-Suite Network

“WOW! I didn’t realize that we could be billing for these services. Thank you VERY much for teaching us how to capture these income streams!”

Dr Scott Jensen

“I’m so glad we had the expert coach teaching us about growing a successful business. Thank you Brian!”

Linee Ferguson


“I have been very fortunate to achieve much success in business. Brian has made me think about three important changes that I decided to make in my life. I wish I had received your counsel 25 years ago!”

Shane Runson


“I believe Brian should be teaching every business executive in the country. The 12 principles Brian teaches about for building an empire are true gems that all businesses should adhere to, because they are packed full of timely wisdom that will positively change businesses and lives.”

Joe Lake

Founder, Children’s Miracle Network

“It’s amazing how you can take a complex concept and break it down to the simplest of terms, then come up with a workable solution!”

Jim Fulton


Brian's Podcast

Health Beat - Your Healthy Habits Zone

Health Beat is a fun, upbeat and addictive podcast for anyone wanting to learn more about health & wellness – and life hacks, with cutting edge research from world-class experts. Brian Hazelgren, the host of Health Beat, talks about fascinating tidbits about his experience with cutting edge technology and innovations in medicine and health & wellness. Brian interviews some of the top researchers, biochemists, doctors, fitness coaches, meditation experts, entrepreneurs across the world who share tips for taking control and upgrading your biochemistry, body and mind to work in unison.

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